Thursday, July 14, 2011


bedtime with little miss…


Sometimes Nana & Papa will let Pax come over for a little bit in the evening and I get a chance to have some alone time with Harper.

I honestly feel like sometimes she misses out on a lot of things that I did with Pax because she is the 2nd born. With Pax I would give him a nice, calm bath… now bathtime is a shit-fest (excuse my language) that consists of splashing, wrestling, toy throwing and even pooping sometimes!! Usually I come away just as wet as the kids (and completely exhausted!)

After bath Pax would sit all snuggly on my lap we would read 5 or 6 books and he would start rubbing his eyes signaling that he was getting tired………now? Harper eats the books, or rips the books while Pax runs around like a wild man or they are both fighting over who gets to sit on my lap (which usually ends in me getting a fat lip after I take an elbow to the face!)

After books I would pick him up and lay him in his dark, quiet room and turn around and leave quietly knowing that nothing would disturb his sleep……now? I am yelling at Pax to get out of Harper’s room while trying to lay her down, turn her music on, push Pax out of the door… all the while he is yelling at her and she is laughing at him. The next hour consists of me constantly shushing Pax in fear that he will wake her up.

Soooooo, the evenings he spends with Nana & Papa are my chance to re-live those 1 kid days and give Harper a little glimpse of life as an only child. No splashing or pooping, no fat lips, no yelling when I am trying to put her down, just bonding time with Mom and her little girl. I loved every moment of it with Pax and am glad I get the chance to do that with her too (sometimes).

*please know that I love both my kids, they are the joys in my life. I love our crazy hectic life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I just appreciate little moments like these so much more now that I have 2 kids. I love that I can give them each my undivided attention from time to time, because they soooo deserve that. But I also love our  crazy-loud bedtime routine each night and I wouldn’t give it up for anything (elbows to the face and all!!)


Love her little piggies!! Snuggling with me on the couch.


Silly baby



Notice the necklace? She wears this all the time now (I love it!!) She was trying to get her blanket laid down on the floor JUST RIGHT!!


Then she would lay down on the blanket and pretend to go “nigh- nigh”


Pax came home and they read books together (well not sure how much reading she is getting done since the book is upside down)


putting on her pants so she can go to bed…….goodnight!

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  1. i hear you on the bath time thing! when i had one, bath time was my favorite time of day, now I dread it! haha