Sunday, July 10, 2011

Under construction…(again)

I am trying to re-do my blog again, so that it why it looks so messed up. I made the blog wider which has now messed up all my old pictures that I have posted, oh well. The blog is now the width I want and I am excited to play around with it and learn how to make my pictures bigger too. Oh yeah, and that header, that damn header!! It’s a real pain in my butt because I am picky about it and I can’t get it to look JUST RIGHT! So that’s what I am working on now, then going to re-do my buttons and side bar….pretty much start over.

Sorry laundry and cleaning……….you will just have to wait.

“It could be done, it should be done, it shall be done tomorrow!!”

1 comment:

  1. Lookin good Amy! I love the picture of the kids on the header.