Monday, July 11, 2011


the heat is on!!!


Holy smokes this heat is killin me!! I love the summer, I can handle the heat, I love sunshine, I am ok with 90 degree weather,  but 111? ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN!! That folks, is just plain insanity. We can’t even enjoy summer because I am afraid to take the kids out in this heat, I am pretty sure their little bodies would melt right into the cement. So we are stuck inside (where even our AC is having a hard time keeping up) and we are going stir crazy. It is similar to winter except well…it’s summer! This should not be happening, we should be out frolicking in fields of flowers…..ok no we would never do that, sorry not that kind of family. But you get my drift….IT’S FREAKIN HOT AND I AM FREAKIN SICK OF IT.

I am even praying for rain, and I NEVER do that because rain usually means storms, and storms can lead to tornados, but seriously I am about to do a rain dance. I am afraid of our next water bill since my husband is so obsessed with his yard that he has been watering it day and night (literally at night, like 11 pm, yeah he actually did that!!) I see him staring at the grass as it is slowly turning brown, and I swear to you he is fighting back tears.

So since I am stuck inside, here are some random ramblings of mine.

I found this at Walmart the other day and I may have screamed a little (yeah I did, I think Pax was embarrassed).

febreze with GAIN!!! (It’s ok if you screamed a little too just now). I got the spray and the plug in and I am IN LOVE! My whole house smells like fresh laundry, but not just ANY fresh laundry, fresh laundry with GAIN (it’s the only detergent to use, it’s the best, sorry TIDE people but it is).

My latest tv guilty pleasures:

Ok, Don’t judge me and quit rolling your eyes. I have no idea how I got hooked on this but I am (even though the finale was last night).  Josh thinks I am so stupid for watching this, but it fascinates me, and yes I DO believe in Bigfoot (and ghosts, and aliens, and maybe even the Loch Ness Monster). However, you could not pay me enough to walk around scary woods at night to see if I encounter an 8 foot beast! These people are crazy!! But I still love watching them! You got me crazy Squatch hunters (that’s their slang for Sasquatch) hook, line and sinker!!

I wish Harper was old enough to understand this show (and Pax for that matter, it takes 2 to tango folks) because I would sit them down and make them watch this with me. Then I would look at them and say “do YOU want to end up like these people? Well then you know what you have to do (or DON’T do, wink wink)”. This season is already proving to be a doozy, fake boobs, break-ins, break-UPS, and oh yeah looks like the police are going to be getting involved (I am looking at you Amber).

Woo Hoo!!! I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW. I want to be Jeff and Jenny’s friend, I want Zoila to clean my house, and I would even watch telenovelas with her!! I want to sit around and eat lunch at their big table with them and pick on whoever the new guy happens to be that week (and Sarah’s hair, seriously what is she thinking sometimes? Ponytail on top of the head is NOT ok anymore). These people crack me up, I love their dysfunction.

So those are my top 3 shows at the moment. I know what you’re thinking….SHALLOW. But c’mon, when I actually sit down to watch tv, I don’t want to have to think, I just want to watch and laugh at other peoples craziness, it makes me feel better about myself.

My half marathon training starts in 3 weeks. I am scared…..real scared. Started running again last week, and it feels good, but 13 miles? Gah!! But it will be fun, it WILL be fun, it will BE FUN!! This is me having a positive attitude Brandi!!

I am taking a photography class for 3 weeks starting at the end of July and I am sooooo excited!! I try to read my manual but usually end up falling asleep (or watching one of the above shows instead).

Harper has now learned to open the pantry and the fridge. THIS is a huge problem when you have a child that wants to “eat” (yeah a new word!) all the time. I caught her walking away from the fridge with a bottle of beer in one arm and her sippy cup in the other!! Yeah I think it’s time to get a lock put on that, before SRS comes knocking on my door (don’t worry she wouldn’t have been able to get the bottle open, you need a bottle opener and that is put away up high……so there!)


Ok I better go now, Paxton is packing up a bunch of toys into trash bags and telling me to take them to the basement because he doesn’t play with them anymore. However I just glanced down and noticed all the toys he is packing up are his SISTERS!! Is he trying to tell me something?


That’s a hot mess right there folks!

July 11, 2011 007

Love this outfit!

July 11, 2011 011

July 11, 2011 015

Strike a pose!

July 11, 2011 016

pax and harper

this picture cracks me up because there is one of me and my brother when we were about this age doing the same thing with the same amount of clothing on.

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