Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Pax


Today Pax and I had a little Mom and me day. We had a birthday party for his friend, Callie, at 10 am this morning at the skating rink. At first I thought it was odd that the party was so early on a Saturday (seriously Pax doesn’t even get up till 9 or after on the weekends so this was early to us). Well then we got to the skating rink and I got it……………NO AIR CONDITIONING!! Holy sweatballs I was hot! It was a lot of fun though, I hadn’t skated since I was like 8 so I kind of looked like a baby deer learning how to walk for the first time, all wobbly and knock-kneed, ha!


Pax and Brynn.


Pax, Callie, and Brynn…….he is quite the ladies man!


Poor guy had to wear these skates because they were out of the real ones in his size. He didn’t care though, he had a blast.


Callie, Pax and Riley.

After the party was over we headed to McDonalds for lunch, hey I figured I had probably lost about 5 lbs from sweating in that hot box and skating so why not splurge on a burger and fries?

Then we drove around town a little bit. I have been wanting to scope out some buildings that would make cool backgrounds for pictures, and I came across this bright blue building and thought it was great.

I looked and Pax and said “Hey buddy lets get out and take some pictures.” He looked at me like I had lost my mind! He said : “Mom why are you always makin me do weird stuff like this?” No idea what he is talking about, I have never done anything like that before. What is weird about taking pictures in front of a random building in the middle of the day in 100 degree weather? TOTALLY NORMAL! His poses were silly cause he didn’t really want to be taking pictures, but I think we will definitely be heading back (with little sister) and take some more (and maybe when it’s not 100 degrees out

paxblue1paxblue2paxblue3  paxblue4paxblue5paxblue6paxblue7

I had a great day with the little dude. It’s so nice spending time one-on-one with the kids every now and then (not to mention EASIER! Holy smokes why did I ever think 1 kid was hard?!?!?!?)



  1. awww, these turned out good! Man that building is BRIGHT blue!! Pax is such a stud

  2. These pictures are AWESOME! I am so jelous of the fact that you are taking a photography class. You will have to let me know what you think of it. Do you know anyone that has taken it? I have wanted to take one but just never seem to have the time to do it. I am also worried about the content of the class. I really just want to learn about how to take good pictures (angles lighting and such)and I am afraid of it not being about that and more about the background/history/"bs" a typical high school photography class would be like.