Sunday, July 24, 2011

just another day…..


Here’s the scene: kids and I came home from a BBQ and I put them right in the bath (we had been at the waterpark earlier that day). Everything is going well, kids are splashing and fighting, just another bath night in the Hall household (it’s a Saturday night so Josh is working).

Harper starts standing up and won’t listen when I tell her to sit down, so that means it is time is to wash her up and get out. So I start washing her and she WON’T SIT DOWN! I keep telling her to sit while I am also washing her and BAM down she goes, face first into the side of the tub!! She starts screaming with her head down and when she lifts it I see blood coming out of her noseand her mouth is bleeding!! GAH! I grab her out of the tub and wrap her in a towel and then run to the living room to assess the damage. I can see blood on her teeth and her left nostril has blood coming out of it so I am FREAKING OUT!

All of a sudden Paxton starts screaming from the tub too! “Mommy there is poop in the tub!” Poop? What? Where did it come from? Seriously is this happening to me? He is crying from the poop (apparently it’s Harper’s, no idea when that happened) and she is screaming from her injuries and I am in full panic mode!!

I have a slippery wet, bloody baby in my arms and a poop infested tub with a screaming child in it. What do I do? I call my mother-in-law and ask her to come over and help of course!

She gets here in 2 seconds flat (she only lives 4 blocks away) takes Harper while I scoop out the poop and drain the tub (and soak the toys in gallons of Lysol). Bath time is OVER! Pax didn’t get washed at all and Harper was covered in soap when the whole fiasco happened, so I would say bath time was 50% successful.

Harper is fine, her nose bled for a little bit, no idea what her lip and teeth are like cause she won’t let me look at them but they stopped bleeding so I think they are ok as well.

Yup, that’s my life, welcome to it.


On a lighter (funnier) note, here is Missy Poo’s new saying. She goes around saying this all the time and it absolutely melts me: (first time pasting youtube video hope it works).


  1. OMG! Poor Harper!! I'm just waiting for this to happen with the twins because they will not sit down in the tub. I spend the whole time saying "sit down Ian!" "Sit down Gage!" Glad she is ok!

    So glad you uploaded this video. I had to delete all my texts so I don't have it anymore and it melts my heart.

  2. Thank God Deb lives so close!! I would have been freaking out too!! I can just picture Pax freaking out about the poo in the tub LOL Poor guy is probably traumatized now and poor lil miss bleeding all over the place :(