Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let Freedom Ring!!!


So this weekend was the 4th of July and let me tell you, it was QUITE an experience! Josh had Fri, Sat and Sun off which was GREAT and Harper was terrified of any firecracker (not so great.) She did just fine with poppers but anything louder than that turned her into a screaming mess!!

***sidenote***I was terrified of firecrackers growing up and remember many a times that the adults had to take turns sitting inside with me while all the other kids lit the deadly fun firecrackers. But surely this cannot be hereditary…..can it? My bad if it is.


Saturday was spent just hanging out in our backyard and playing in the little pool we have. We just relaxed and let the kids wear themselves out so they would take long naps (they did, woop woop). Saturday night Josh and I went out to eat at Sumo’s for our late anniversary dinner (hello sushi, I have missed you!!). We got home and let Pax set off some fireworks then put him to bed then I spent the next 2 HOURS making cake balls to take to a party the next day (I may or may not have cussed them out a few times while making them) They were worth it because they turned out super cute and were a big hit!

Sunday we headed to Eureka to hang out at our friends place right on the water. I am convinced Mother Nature has it out for me because 2 hours after getting there it started storming and continued to storm all day!! The kids got a little bit of swimming in before the storm came in.


Hard to see in this picture but that is my son holding a can of beer in the water!! Real hilarious boys (no he didn’t drink it, just posed with it, so you can hang up with SRS now)


After it stopped raining we went back to the dock to enjoy some fireworks and an evening boat ride. That was short lived though since Harper was screaming 90% of the time and clinging to me like crazy!! Not kidding, ALL of these pictures are taken one-handed because I was holding a little monkey with the other hand. NOT an easy task when your camera weighs as much as your daughter.


The beautiful rainbow that came out after the rain stopped.


American flag and K-State flag…….what else do you need?




Pax loved the fireworks and even went swimming in the dark and watched them (yes swimming….IN THE DARK….scary!!!) We packed up soon after and headed home because my arm was about to fall off from holding Harper, and I was pretty sure she was going to go into cardiac arrest at any minute she was so scared.

There is a silver lining to this though, she learned a new word that day……INSIDE!

On Monday we went to a BBQ and lasted all of 30 minutes before Harper and I headed home because, yup you guessed it, she was scared. Pax and Josh stayed and enjoyed lighting fireworks and watching them. I sat at home alone and stalked people looked at facebook.

sigh- the sacrifices we make once we become a parent. And it’s true what they say:

what goes around comes around-

Mom you can stop laughing now, and yes I am sorry for putting you all through this when I was little. Karma… she’s a real b*#@*.


Pretty much the only pictures of Harper from the whole weekend since she was in my arms the majority of the time.


Hope you all had a great 4th of July.


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  1. LOL! Oh Harper, you are going to give your mom grey hairs by the time she is 30. I'm going to teach her how to say Karma :) I can't believe she didn't like the fireworks though. I thought that dare devil would be all about them. Oh well, maybe next year!

    Paxton on the other hand, looked like he had a fantastic weekend. So proud of him for swimming in the lake by himself! Heck no would I be in the lake in the dark!