Friday, July 22, 2011

leavin on a jet plane….


This past weekend was Paxton’s first time getting to go on a plane and he loved it!!!

We (Josh, Paxton and I) flew out to Denver to visit our good friends Justin and Stephanie. Yes we left little Miss at home with Nana and Papa, the thought of lugging 2 carseats, stroller, suitcases, and 2 kids through an airport was enough to give us a headache. Plus we had a busy weekend planned with no time for naps (very important to a 1 year olds schedule) so it was just best if she sat this trip out.

Here’s a little background on our good friends the Stein’s who we were visiting. Stephanie and her family were like my 2nd family growing up. Our families did EVERYTHING together, her parents were like my second set of parents. Justin was Josh’s best friend and roommate in college, then after they graduated they lived in Colorado together for a while.

Fast forward to our wedding day, Justin and Steph met (actually I think they met the night of the rehearsal dinner) fell in love, got married and now have little baby Jackson!! This is a match made in heaven for Josh and I, Steph is like a sister to me, Justin is “his boy” and now they are married. We love it!! We always have so much fun together because we obviously all get along great!

It was a great weekend. Pax LOVED riding on a plane for the first time (wasn’t even scared when we had quite a bit of turbulance taking off, I was terrified!) We went to Keystone to see the mountains on Saturday then to a Rockies game Saturday night.

It was great having some alone time with Little Man and seeing him get so excited about all this new stuff he was taking in. The plane, the mountains, even the big buildings in downtown Denver (we live in El Dorado, the biggest building here is the Commerce Bank 3 story building in downtown El Dog, whoopdie freakin do)

It was a whirlwind trip but we made a lot of memories so it was well worth it. I decided to group most of my photos so it wasn’t picture overload!


left to right: at Wichita airport, he was so excited to see a plane, even these little model planes. “Relaxing” at the airport bar (yeah that’s really what he said). Showing off his new “paper” airports are HEAVEN for paper hoarders like my son! Pretty sure we came back with about 10 new brochures, maps and magazines! Looking out the window for the planes.


Seeing his first plane out the window. Watching out the window ON the plane as we start to take off. Cuddling George. He had to make sure his “friends” were buckled up too.


More George time. More window time (he thought flying through the clouds was the coolest thing ever and would giggle). Reading his magazine (Highlights, ha!)


At Keystone with Daddy. Walking into the resort area (beautiful). Posin on a fake ski lift and with Mommy and Daddy.


On the ski lift! It was a beautiful view but VERY high. I was terrified, and Pax just laughed at me for being scared. Seriously I wanted to cry the entire 12 minute (12 minutes!!!) ride up. Pax was not scared at all. He loved it. Whatever.


Cheese!! Yes that is the view from the lift and yes that is snow!!! As we were going up the mountain it got colder and colder, we were shivering by the time we got off. It was amazing!!


Riding the Gondola back down: Hi Steins!! This was a little better since it was bigger and covered but I was still pretty nervous. Again, my son thought it was hilarious that I was scared and kept asking if I “wet my pants” (I didn’t for your information)


At Keystone kids day, waiting patiently for his balloon animal (it took us waiting in line for almost 45 minutes!!) And there it is folks: 45 minutes later he has his giraffe hat balloon thingie.


The Stein Family! Pax took this pic of Justin at lunch. So cute and in love. Baby Jackson, look at those blue eyes!!


BFF already: Pax holding onto Jackson’s arm in the car. Posing and kisses on the couch. Holding hands. Pax was very good with him all weekend and has now named ALL of Harper’s dolls “Baby Jackson”


He is just a little pumpkin. He is a great baby, barely heard a peep from him all weekend. I miss him so much and can’t wait to shnuggle him again!!

OK and here are some individual pics I just had to add:


yup that’s a map alright!


“the boys” with their boys. Seems like yesterday we were all hanging out in the Ville till 2 a.m. and now here we are: babies and all!

Love you Steins, thanks for having us for the weekend!! Miss you lots!!

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  1. Wow the views! Never knew this about y'all how fun to have a close set of friends like them.