Thursday, July 28, 2011

midweek randoms…..

It’s Wednesday (edit, Thursday, started writing this last night and realized how late it was and I had to wake up early today to get my run in) and usually I would be pumped that the weekend is so close but really I am scared because I have to run 5 miles Saturday morning and that is the farthest I have ran. I know I can do it, and I will do it, but it still makes me nervous.

Our schedule has been a little bit slower this week since t-ball ended so that has been nice, I just wish the weather was cooler so we could go on walks or play outside for longer than a minute without dying!!

Harper is talking more and more each day (fist pumpin) and it’s pretty funny. I posted a video on the last blog of her saying “hi baby” but along with that sweetness has come A LOT of sassiness!! Her favorite word is “NO!” and she has to do everything herself!! Buckling in her carseat? She has to do it. Getting the milk out of the fridge? All her. Getting up in her chair? Don’t touch her, she is going to do it! Of course I encourage her independence, but sometimes I am like C’MON!! Especially when we are running late!! Oh and another thing? When I tell her no (how dare I!) she starts crying and runs to her room and shuts the door!! WHAAAT!! I’m sorry do I have a 19 month old or a 16 year old? But she doesn’t know how to OPEN the door yet so she will call out for me or daddy to let her out when she is done throwing her fit. I laugh every time still. I wish I could see what she does in there. She also thinks she is a puppy. She crawls around and barks and tries to pick things up with her teeth. When I put her to bed at night I can’t say “goodnight Harper” I have to say “goodnight puppy” then she will bark at me as I shut the door (yes bark!). Completely odd. But I can’t wait to blackmail her with it when she is older.


Ever since the 4th of July debacle, little miss has been terrified of loud noises! She now sleeps with a lullaby cd going all night on repeat to drown out any noises she may hear because every little noise was waking her up and making her cry. I took the kids to the Andover waterpark this weekend and she was scared of the big bucket that dumps water and all the kids screaming. Once we got her in the water, far away from the playground thing, she was fine and loved it. I feel bad cause we should have seen how scared she was of the fireworks and left but we stayed and kept hoping she would eventually like them. Parents of the year right here folks!!



Paxton is…………..well Paxton. The other night he comes out of the bathroom and says “Mom, come here, you have to see this, it’s hilarious” I knew where this was going, I had a little sister who used to come out of the bathroom and say this all the time! (for privacy reasons I won’t say which sister, there is only 2 of them so you have a 50/50 chance of guessing right) I said to Pax “is it your poop? Cause I don’t want to see that!” He started laughing and said “YEAH come see it, it looks like a snake!!” Gah! Vomit! (Side-note, I DID NOT go look!)


I bought the kids Halloween costumes for $7 each off this swap thing on facebook (that I am totally obsessed with! You can buy/sell/swap things on it with other local people and it’s completely addicting!) ANYWAY I got these nice Old Navy costumes off it, bumblebee for Harper and a hamburger for Pax (seriously how hilarious is a hamburger as a costume?) Pax took one look at it and said “Mom I am not going to be a hamburger, that’s weird!” (This from the kid who wants me to look at his poop!) He wants to be a Transformer or T-Rex, well if we find one of those costumes for $7 then he can be that, if not, hamburger it is!!!


He starts preschool next month and will be going 3 days a week (instead of 2) and in the morning (he used to be in the afternoon). I think he is ready, he asked me the other day when he gets to go back to school. Plus, some of his friends are going to be in his class this year. I am nervous about having to get him there by 8:30 cause this kid likes to sleep. It is so hard to get him out of bed some days!


Today I told him we were going to the “teeth doctor” next week for his first clean (yes I said FIRST, yes he is 3 1/2, yes I realize he needed this done a while ago, I just kept forgetting to do it) and he looked at me and said “that’s boring” What is WITH my kids getting attitudes like they are teenagers?!?!? Everything is “boring” to him. Well believe me kid, life isn’t a walk in the park, one day you will look back and WISH you had this easy-going life again.

As for me? Last Saturday was my first half marathon training group run (at 5:45 a.m. just sayin). We ran 4 miles and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I definitely need new shoes, so I am going to Go Run in Wichita tonight to get measured and fitted for the right shoe for MY FOOT!! I think it’s going to make a huge difference in my running. I am also going to start taking yoga again because it’s supposed to really help your breathing when you are running (you know so I don’t pass out when I have to run 13.1 miles in October!)

Tonight is my first photography class in Wichita and I am pumped!! My friend B is taking it with me, so it should be a fun girls night out for us. Not sure what I am more excited for, the class, or a night away for myself!

Well that’s our life in a nutshell lately, the kids have turned into hormonal teenagers and I am getting to do some fun stuff for myself (well not sure if I would call running FUN).

Gotta go, the kids are playing a game that involves running around with their eyes closed, Harper just barely missed running into the wall!! Geesh!!


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  1. Dying laughing at the "I have to say goodnight puppy and then she barks at me." Please tell me you don't sleep with the baby monitor on when you play lullabies all night. I would throw that thing through the window when I heard twinkle twinkle little star for the 100th time at 2am! Does she only have 1 outfit or did you take these pics the same day as last post??

    The hamburger costume is hilarious but this is the first year he has really understood the holiday and knows what he wants to be. Let the poor kid be a transformer or T Rex (even though he has already been a dinosaur. I'll buy him the costume for his birthday.

    Good for you for finally getting a good pair of running shoes. I think they will help a ton. have fun at photography class and try not to goof the whole time with Brandi. Yeah I know you two when your together.

    No Josh update? :)